Students of Ramanujan College New Delhi watch film Grihalakshmi

SINGLE HOUSEFULL SHOW @ Ramanujan College, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi on 31st Jan 2020

Film Show Details:

NET Audience Count: 53
NET Seekers Count: 50
There were three Sahajayoga volunteers including Mr Sanjay, Talwar, Mr Tejwani and Mr Shubham Gautam DURING THE SHOW.

Movie Screening Report -31.10.2020

Description as provided by Mr. Sanjay Talwar, The Managing Trustee of Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation:

On Friday 31st Jan 2020,

50 college students of Ramanujan College, New Delhi saw the new Hindi version of Grihalakshmi The Awakening. We went there to show them the film. The film was 91 mins long, where Shree Mataji herself conducted the Self Realisation after the film.
It was the first trial show of the new film. The students loved the film. They were mostly second year students of Philosophy & Psychology. 100% got Realisation.
 Now the College wishes to start SahajaYoga classes regularly for their students. The young generation are taking very well to Sahaja Yoga after watching the film. Shree Matajis Self Realization is being imbibed beautifully.

Question and Answer session

Question and Answer session happened, and Students did not want to leave the auditorium. They were in the Auditorium for over 2 hours. They even missed their next class, as they felt they had entered into a Timeless Zone.
The magic of Mother alone does all the work. We can only be good instruments to connect seekers with Her. It was such a wonderful feeling that I cannot describe in words- Heaven on Earth.
Just wondering how Yogis are doubting the film. We all must show the film to them. They will understand only after watching it. Talking anything negative about it without watching is a very immature act, and does not speak well about them. If they are real yogis, they should tell by vibrations alone. Why behave like murmuring souls?

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