Anger Management & Sahaja Yoga – A Meta production Presentation

Chronicles of the conscience- Episode 7 : Anger Management

No one is born with anger, greed, lust, arrogance etc. Such traits are imbibed from the environment. Parents play a very important role in carving out the personality of their children. In this short film clip we witness how a father’s weakness affects his son badly! We must remember that a father is also an individual with his personal set of qualities. He can have weaknesses too!

  1. Does a father’s weakness affect his son?
  2. What happens when there is a constant tension in the family?
  3. How does one cope up with such a situation?
  4. Can we forget, forgive, leggo…and start afresh?

For answers, watch this beautiful short film on Anger Management by Meta Production.

Shri Mataji On Anger

Krishna has put krodha above kam.; you see, anger: heated personality, angry.

He thinks that krodha comes even before kama; He was so much against anger. Anger. If you are an angry person, take out anger upon yourself, beat yourself nicely; best thing is to beat your face, then you are hurt a little bit so you’ll remember it, to begin with.

Then you beat yourself on the ground with shoes every morning. You get angry? All right – have it, have it, have it!

Because this heated temperament is a big curse; is your enemy. That gives you a very great weakness against collectivity.

You see, a heated man never realises that he’s an angry man and that’s the base of satanic forces, because they act on you because they’re angry with you; they are jealous, may be any reason – they’re angry with God.

The whole base is anger and hatred. So the second point is, we should see: have we got anger within us?

If you have anger, you cannot enjoy a sunshine, you cannot enjoy a flower; you cannot enjoy anything. Ultimately, you can’t even bear yourself; the best way to punish such a person is to put him in a jail, alone, then he faces himself, then he gets rid of it.

That’s the best way, I think; there’s no other way I can understand – that separate him.

Let him put into seclusions; when he goes through the seclusion, he’ll have to face himself and then he looks at him, gets angry… hee, hee, hee, hee. And then that anger goes away.

Shri Krishna’s Birthday Puja, Bala’s home, Tamworth, Birmingham (UK), 15 August 1981

Shri Krishna Puja, There is a war going on

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