Uluru / Ayers Rock – Shri Ganesh Swayambhu

Ganesha has appeared in Australia

“Now this Ganesha has appeared in Australia is as Uluru, is a very big mountain which looks like Shri Ganesha. It has also a very big trunk, going down. Vibrations itself will prove that it is Shri Ganesha, from the mother earth. He has appeared in many places, Shri Ganesha not only here.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella 25th September 1999

Come together as one to worship Shri MahaGanesha

Shri MahaGanesha is the supreme manifestation of Shri Ganesha within the Virata who aids in the creation of the Universe and all beings. Shri MahaGanesha is He Who existed before the Creation. Before the universe and before all things. He will exist after the end. Shri MahaGanesha is the guardian to the pathway to realise the Supreme State. One of the highest principle of Sahaja Yoga is that Shri Mataji created one family of all races, creeds and religions. Shri Mataji created the oneness of Humanity. Devoid of all separation. No separation of gender.

No separation of race. No separation of nationality. One world to witness the One God. The One Creator of creation. In this pilgrimage Shri Mataji requested that all peoples of all nations are invited to come together as one to worship Shri MahaGanesha at the Shri Ganesha Swayambhu of the Universe: Uluru.

Invitation from the Australian Collective to Shri MahaGanesha Puja 2019

But when you mature, you become Mahaganesha.

“The Ganesha at Mooladhara becomes Mahaganesha in the Virata, that is the brain. That means it is the seat of Shri Ganesha. That means Shri Ganesha governs from that seat the principle of innocence.”

“But when you mature, you become Mahaganesha. Then Mahaganesha is established in you and you become a satguru, you become a divine guru; you can teach others.”

“Only singing the praise of Shri Ganesha may not be sufficient, Shri Ganesha needs to be awakened within us and he should evolve to the state of Mahaganesha.”

HH Shri Mataji, Shri Mahaganesha Puja, Ganapatipule, India, 1st January 1986.

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