I read some negative comments!

SY- Sahaja yogi

NSY – Non Sahaja Yogi

NSY – Hey! Needed to talk to you regarding something – do you have time?

SY – Sure, let’s go to the cafeteria – I have time, around half an hour.

Once inside the cafeteria.

NSY- I went through the website you suggested me – the concept is very new to me! Your Guru invented it?

SY – Oh No! The subtle system has always been there in us, and the ancient Indian saints, seers or sages – had already revealed about its presence and it’s functions to mankind. In fact ancient scriptures found in Greece, China and many other countries, have spoken about the dormant spiritual energy within us that needs to be awakened if humans want to get back to their source – to the creator, basically manifesting their own divinity.

NSY – Dormant energy? We have to awaken it?

SY – Yes, we humans have been given a ‘Free Will’ by the creator – unless we desire to know the higher divine self…we can continue to exist in the mundane human existence! Spirituality cannot be forced on anyone.

NSY – I See. Well that’s okay, I will be going with you soon – but I had something else to tell you.

SY – Yeah, tell me. What is it?

NSY – I hope you don’t mind my saying this – but while I was searching more about the meditation you practice, I googled for some testimonials – and I came across some negative comments and testimonials – so I got a bit confused! I mean if it is all divine and higher stuff – why would people write such disgusting things about it?

SY – Oh I see – so how many negative testimonials you came across on the website?

NSY – Huh!? How many? Meaning?

SY – Yeah like how many testimonials 50, 80, 100 – how many – can you just say roughly?

NSY – Well – must be around 50 plus – I did not count, just reading them – but does that matter?

SY – No it doesn’t really matter – just mentioned that because I can lead you to websites with over thousands of positive testimonials – if that makes any difference to you.

NSY – But what I am trying to say is why would anyone be against it – and write such horrendous comments regarding something that is divine and sublime?

SY – Hmm…remember Rahul and Joe, they were 2 years senior to us?

NSY – Of course – who would forget them? They were both rusticated from the college for their behaviour – why I myself signed the petition against them – such miserable beeps they were! Imagine selling drugs in college! And they were also caught eve teasing juniors! Amazingly they had many supporters also but they all backed out when they were shown the suspension letter by the Administrative Authorities! Such fools they were – imagine supporting drug peddlers and eve teasers !

SY – Hmm..do you know that both Rahul and Joe maintain websites – mainly Porn websites and also a Daily News Update website?

NSY – They do? Well I am not aware of it! Of course they will only resort to nonsense – I am not surprised that they maintain Porn sites – that is what they are capable of – the creeps!

SY- Yeah – but in the Daily News Update site they write about politics, education, sports and many more things too.

NSY – So? What are you trying to say? They have become great people? They must be copy-pasting stuff from the net and updating the News website!

SY – Well – they have a tab called ‘Open Up’ on their website where people can write about their grudges regarding products, services, Institutions etc.

NSY – So? What is the big deal in it – there are hundreds such sites!

SY – Yeah – but in their site, they have written all sorts of rotten things about our Engineering college.

NSY – Really!? How dare they! We should sue them for disgracing the name of our college!

SY – How can we – it is their opinion regarding the Engineering college they once attended – people will believe in them because they have shown proofs of their admission and even shared pictures in the college premises etc.

NSY – This is ridiculous! Whoever reads the crap that they have written will get wrongly informed! Our Engineering college is famous worldwide – it is so difficult to get through – and the 2 BEEPS are misleading people! We should try and stop them!

SY – Hmm….and what should we tell people – that they were selling drugs in the college campus and making the lives of girls miserable – the reason why they were rusticated from college – so don’t listen to them?

NSY – Of course, we should say such things and close the site down forever!

SY – My dear – there are several such Rahuls and Joes in this world – who do negative, think negative, live negative – how many of them can you handle? Our college is good and our Professors are superb but the same has been written by them as worst! So who should people believe?

NSY – Obviously the one that majority support – do you think people will get swayed by what 2 nincompoops are saying about our college? And if they do, then they are fools who will miss the chance of attending a good college!

SY – Hmm…the reason why I asked you how many negative testimonials you read about the meditation technique we follow!

NSY – Oh! That way – I see, yea- you do have a point bro!

SY – A wrong doer cannot continue for long buddy – even Professor Smith was sacked because he was leaking question papers and making money by giving private tuitions to students! He was very good as a teacher – his knowledge was solid and his explanatory skills were excellent – but what happened? He had to be shown the door because he was cheating – his greed for more money caused his downfall!

NSY – Yeah – true, he was such a senior Professor , in fact I had heard that he would become the next Head of Department but before that promotion – he was sacked! That is so sad!

SY – What is so sad about it? Had he been promoted to the position of HOD, he would have made our lives miserable bro! As it is the expenditure to pursue education in this college is enormous – plus we would have had to ask for more money from our parents to quench his greedy appetite – not everyone is a rich kid!

NSY – Yeah – true that! Any idea where he is working now?

SY – Where ever he may be working but he must be bad-mouthing our college – right?

NSY – Hmm….that he must be – he had worked here for 7 years after all!

SY – Yea – for seven long years he had been duping the authorities and squeezing the students to shell out more money!

NSY – Yes – that is so wicked!

SY – Wicked huh! So this is what I want to tell you bro – if the wrong doer is not punished – people will give up being honest and good and every one will take to negative work culture.

Nsy – Yes, it is easier to roll downhill but rather difficult to climb uphill!

SY – Exactly! And lastly I would like to ask you one question – in a classroom of 50 students, some pass with flying colors, some perform average and some fail also – but the teacher is the same – so on what basis would you judge the teacher? Would you call him great because couple of his students got 90% plus, would you call him mediocre because couple of his students managed to pass somehow or would you call him bad because some of his students failed?

Nsy – No – how can I judge the teacher at all!? It totally depends on the student – and his performance!

SY – Absolutely my dear! You are a student – a student getting ready to receive higher divine knowledge – not many even understand or seek to know about it also – because unfortunately they are not aware of this! Possibly your good karma that led you to seeking higher divine knowledge my friend !

NSY – Good karma? Meaning?

SY – Ok – good karma, bad karma, destiny and all that – we will discuss later. Now I am off to attend my class! See you soon bro!

NSY – Bye, see you!

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