“Now, the second part of our culture has to be Bliss. People should see bliss working in us. People should feel there is bliss. If a person is blissful, he looks blissful. He emits bliss. He radiates it. He does not look a miserable, unhappy creature, who is all the time grudging, grumbling or worried, about little petty things here and there.

And nobody has the right to disturb anybody’s bliss. Somebody is in a blissful state, try to copy that person and become that. But people get jealous of such people who are blissful, and try to disturb them. That is why so many saints were tortured, because they were so blissful and happy people.

We have to enjoy our bliss within, that is important. Perhaps you are not aware of the bliss that you have. Not at all aware.[…]

Bliss can only come through gratitude.

Only through enlarging your heart with gratitude.

Bliss is the reward of gratitude.

The gratitude which is not just worldly or just spoken lip-service, but is from the heart.

Is from the heart, gratitude of the heart. And the blissful people are never jealous of others.

Because what is greater than bliss ? Bliss has so many dimensions, that you go beyond the realm of cause and effects.

And all the angels, all the ganas are there to help you. You know that. It works out.

This way it works out, that way …. But you take it for granted. You don’t have that effect of the bliss in you when you know this has happened, that, has happened. What a bliss!”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Talk before Puja, “The Culture of Universal Religion”, Bordi ( India ), 7 February 1985

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