Recharging – IIHF Short Conversational Series

SY – Sahaja Yogi

NSY: Non Sahaja Yogi

Skit ONE:


Ambience: 2 college students – sitting in the college canteen. Both are smartly dressed. The NSY is a bit punky and the SY is smart, bright faced, well groomed.

NSY: Hey! Are you free on Wednesday? Then we can go and catch the latest film…Atul and Vaibhav are also ready – will you also go?

SY: Hmm…what time is the show?

NSY: We are catching the evening 5pm show.

SY: Oh! No yaar…I won’t be able to make it….

NSY: But why? Don’t be a spoil sport – please!

SY: If you make it on Thursday – I may go…but Wednesday it is not at all possible!

NSY: Why where are you going on Wednesday….are you going on a date? (he looks at him mischieviously)

SY: Yea – sort of…A date with God!

NSY: Meaning? You are dating God?!

SY: Just joking Bro – I go for my weekly meditation on Wednesdays I can’t come!

NSY: Hey come-on – you can always bunk one day!

SY: Oh No! That is my weekly battery charging time…I can’t possibly miss that!

NSY: Battery charging? Meaning?

SY: Well…meaning that I get my charging done by the source that created me…like for example you charge the Mobile phone with electricity…I charge up myself with divine vibrations!

NSY: Divine vibrations?! I thought meditation is all about thinking pleasant things and hypnotizing yourself with ‘positive thoughts’ so that only positive happen to you! Like a mind game kind of thing!

SY: Oh No! On the contrary, you have to reach a point of ‘thoughtless awareness’ – our mind is too minuscule to even comprehend God! Mind has to quieten in fact – go into absolute silence.

NSY: Yea…I have also read about meditation….it is like concentrating on a particular point…and..

SY: No – you concentrate on your studies…or maybe some project to find a solution…Meditation is simply connecting with GOD ….the Almighty…the source of all creation.

NSY: What do you mean ‘connecting with God’ – are you kidding me? How can you connect with God…..He comes and holds your hand….I mean how do you know that the ‘connection happened’?

SY: Hmm… a vast Science – huge – the science of our creation and getting back to the divine source – of manifesting our divinity…also known as Self Realization. And yes…we do get the acknowledgement in the form of cool waves that encompass our bodies….giving us the indication that the connection is done.

NSY: Really?! Strange….my driver also follows the same meditation technique that you follow – I saw your Guru’s picture in his wallet…..

SY: Really! That’s great – which centre does he attend?

NSY:… I mean…he is not even a Brahmin – you mean he is also getting encompassed with those divine cool waves?

SY: Of course – why not! God has made us all in the same template bro…I am surprised that you even said such a mean thing just now! We are all humans….all this caste, creed etc. is just man made! God loves all….had he not loved all in exactly the same manner…then he would have given 4 arms and 3 eyes to a  Brahmin and just maybe 1 arm and one leg to the Shudra! Has He done that?

NSY: I see…am I eligible to attend the meditation meeting ?

SY: Of course – you are most welcome!

NSY: ummm….But we follow Hanuman Ji only….we do not accept any other God actually…will that be a problem!

SY: We also worship Hanuman Ji  – he rules our right side – the Action side of us – he supervises all our plans….

NSY: What are you talking about? You also worship Hanuman Ji?

SY: Hey! I will sit with you one day and show you in details – our Subtle system – this is a vast science bro – I cannot finish it over a cup of coffee ok!?

NSY: Ok then – let’s do one thing….let’s keep the film for Thursday – can I come with you on Wednesday and attend the meditation meeting? How much will I have to pay?

SY: You cannot pay for what you own already bro! God belongs to everyone….our Guru has given us the blessing of connecting with the divine for free…we don’t charge anyone for teaching the meditation procedure! DO one thing – tell Vaibhav and Atul also about it…I can take all three of you and you all will hopefully experience the ‘connection’ on that day itself.

NSY: Why hopefully?

SY: Well….depends on your system….your blockages…that you are carrying for so many lives together…but don’t worry – everything can be cleared and maximum people feel the connection on the very first day itself….some very stubborn…or highly egoistic people don’t feel easily…but with practice and genuine surrender at the Holy Lotus feet of the divine….miracles happen!


The above skit has been made into an animation by our talented Sahajee Brother Adtiya Chourasiya from Dehra Dun, India.

I am giving an example of conversational skits that can easily be done by the Yuva Shakti for Youtube upload. So dear Sahajees, put on your thinking caps and make such small conversational skits to be uploaded on Youtube. This is something that we are often doing while making people understand about Sahaja Yoga. This will be like FAQs Videos.

Aparna Di

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