Our Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation is a 100% non Profit NGO Trust formed to make short feature films that depict the message of our Divine Mother, who had desired this project would see the light of the day one day. In 2002, when she expressed this desire, it was directed to me, and I nurtured it all these years, preparing to make it a reality. And now, finally after Mother took Her Samadhi, I had silently started working towards it. After a lot of Research and networking with all the creative people practicing Sahaja yoga Meditation, I was successful in putting together a team of professionals, who decided to join hands with me and collectively work towards the making of our first film venture titled Gruhalakshmi.
The good news is that a team of Sahaja Actors & Technicians has been dedicatedly working for the production of Gruhalakshmi since last few Months, making it possible to shoot the  film in one go in the last week of March 2018.
By the grace of Shree Mataji and the love and support of many of our Brothers & Sisters, we have managed to collect enough funds to get the movie rolling towards its shoot schedule, but at this moment we are still falling short of funds to complete the film. With whatever we have collected, we are encouraged to proceed with the project, with a hope that you will come forward and support our initiative,and help us raise the balance funds.
We are precisely falling short of Rs 4,00,000/– and we seek your donation to help us see this project through, and on time. The next 3 weeks are critical, and whatever you wish to donate will be welcome. Please send your donations via NEFT/RTGS or on-line banking directly to our Foundation accounts as per details given below:

(All Donations are 50% Tax Exempt)


Current Account Nr 6147002100000193

Punjab National Bank, Delhi Gymkhana Club Branch


We humbly bow to your gracious donation, and pray to Mother, that collectively we will fulfil her vision. Please visit our website www.iihf.in for more information about us.
Find attached the links to our Film Teaser of  Gruhalakshmi & our Foundation e-brochure

Gruhalakshmi – An Introduction

Download Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation Brochure

Thank you for all your love and support in anticipation
Yours in Sahaj – JAI SHREE MATAJI
Sanjay Talwar

Managing Trustee
Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation
Website: iihf.in
Mob: 9811203017

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