Your relationship with Shri Mataji is direct.

From the desk of Mr. Sanjay Roshan Talwar ::

My message to all my fellow Sahaji Brothers and sisters, who have begun to feel disturbed or disgusted by the way some person’s have begun indulging in petty Sahaj politics. This topic came for discussion with one Yuva Shakti boys, who showed extreme disgust in the state of affairs with existing so called self styled Sahaj leadership and Musicians .

Hope this message will help assuage their feelings and make them stronger in their dedication and surrender to Adi Shakti. Find my message below. Hope it will be helpful in strengthening the belief of those who get swayed by the goings on around them.

I must confess that I too have been a victim of petty Sahaj politics. It’s unfortunate. But even during Mother’s time, it existed. Mother used to get very angry at times and took stern action against these Non Sahaj souls trying to hold the Collective at random because of their stupid egos.

I witnessed a lot of such useless so called Sahaja Yogis being asked by her to stay out of Sahaja Yoga. But now after She took Samadhi, they are all back and new ones too have joined. That is why you are noticing all these things. But you must never deter from your belief in your Mother.

Your relationship with Her is direct. No one can come on it’s way.

Don’t let your attention get entangled with such useless people.

Don’t let your attention get entangled with such useless people. As she would say, Sahaja Yoga doors are open to one and all. So even evil souls and rakshasas enter in, and very cunningly behave sweetly to win over people. Then slowly they start to ruin her vision. These are negative forces, that will come exist. They were there even when She was amongst us.

She warned about such evil forces entering the psyche of weak Sahaja Yogis and spoiling her work of Sahaja yoga. That is why she asked us to Meditate, as that is the only way we can acquire the powers of our Kundalini and her blessings.


  • This power within us has the capability to distinguish between the good and the bad. The right and the wrong.
  • Automatically we can come to know through our vibrations, what is wrong with someone or something that is being said and done.
  • Remember, our vibrations can never fail us.
  • But most honestly we must Meditate and feel the the Nirvichar & Nirvikalp Samadhi permeating our entire being.

The feeling is so beautiful, that once this connection is well established with HER, nothing can go wrong with your life. You become so powerful that wherever you go or whatever you do, everything starts to fall in the right place. All good happens around you. And you become the source of change and transformation for the whole world.

Such is the gift of our Mother to us. Let’s protect our Self Realisation state and grow in it.

I can tell you with experience, nothing touches me from these negative souls. In fact they mind themselves in front of me or stay away. Only those who love Mother and follow her advice, only they connect with you very well. And that is what matters to us. They are the real Sahaja Yogis.

The others are a bunch of waste of time. Hope and pray you will not waste your precious attention on such useless people. But you can become so magnetic that whenever they come in your presence, they can see their own follies. You become so clean that you become like a mirror to them and to all who come in contact with you.

You are so much connected to the Divine, that really you haven’t time for all these nonsensical things going around you. Just keep Meditating and stay in your state of bliss. Remember, you are the chosen one. Enjoy your being. Enjoy your status.

Watch everything around you like a witness and experience the miracle of life.

YOU are the miracle that Mother has given birth to. Let the world know and see who you are. Live in your own glory.

It isn’t ego that I am talking about. It is a word called GAURAV or self respect that gives you your joy, happiness & contentment.

My NGO – Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation. – has been formed only to invite all creative beings who practice Sahaja Meditation, to contribute their talent collectively for bringing Her Vision in front of the whole world through the medium of Performing Arts, films, Television and Media- all forms of communication available to us in these modern times. We avoid using the Agnya.

We draw our energy and Inspiration from our enlightened Swadishthan , Heart & Vishuddhi Chakras.

With all my love.
Jai Shree Mataji

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