Sahaja Yogies are here to help the world!

You are here to help the world and not to decorate yourself and just to make advantage of Sahaja Yoga!

So it’s very blissful. Sahaja Yoga is extremely blissful. It gives you first the glimpse of Lakshmi that it gives you money. You are blessed.

And then that is the first temptation and you fall a prey, and you go down. So this Lakshmi principle is to be understood in its proper way. For Sahaja yogis is very important because it is not so superficial as we think. It is much deeper within us and when we touch our depth, it shows….

Whatever is the best if you can give, if you are free to give, you should give the best. So, one of the snags is that we have never learnt the art of giving. If we learn the art of giving then it’s so joyous, so beautiful.

Because we are very ego-oriented, we understand what gives us joy but we don’t understand what will give joy to others. And when we understand what will give joy to others, then that joy reflects on us much more, thousand times.

But there is then, as I said, that on the periphery both things work out. From one side are the miserly, from the other side are the exploiters.

So if you become generous, the exploiters are there. So then an antithesis, another type of people become, who get nervous, who don’t know what to do, where to go.

In Sahaja Yoga you do trust people, all the time. You give. Of course sometimes you are exploited. So doesn’t matter, that’s not your look out. You have not committed any sin. The one who has exploited you, he has committed the sin and he is going to suffer, so why should you worry?

But with the help of this divine power, the one who exploits will suffer. And you will get ten times more than what you have lost. This is what it is to be understood by Sahaja yogis. …

An extract from talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,
Diwali Puja. Chioggia, Venice Italy,
21st October 1990

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